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Relieving Stress and Boosting Health With Acupuncture in Columbia

The staff at Palmetto Acupuncture and Holistic Health Clinic is dedicated to bringing balanced health to Columbia patients through proven stress relief techniques. Using acupuncture to increase calm has become common in recent years due to its efficacy as well as its low incidence of side effects. This traditional method has undergone several studies, and the reports indicate that acupuncture slows the production of stress hormones. Results have found that patients’ sleep improves, they are better able to manage anxiety and they have increased memory function. Unlike prescription drug therapy, acupuncture has very few and uncommon side effects, with slight dizziness or bruising being reported in only a few cases.


Common Causes of Tension

In today’s fast-paced modern society, the list of what isn’t causing you stress may be shorter than the list of what is. Money matters, marital discord, health problems and employment concerns are often among them. Individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders know all too well that worry often builds, piling small concerns up into an unmanageable mountain. When your body experiences strain, hormones are released in order to prepare you to fight or take flight from the problem. Licensed acupuncturists, such as Martin Herbkersman and the staff at our clinic, use proven, ancient methods to stimulate the release of calming hormones, which help bring balance and decrease anxiety.

Whether you are a resident of Lexington, Columbia or an outlying community, our experts can help you manage worry and enjoy a fuller, calmer life. We are dedicated to bringing relief to our clients and have the professional background necessary to help you. Contact us at 803-806-8889 to schedule an appointment or for more information regarding our services.

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